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Comprehensive reporting and dashboards that are tailored to all your key stakeholders from finance, executives and HR. On-the-fly analysis and intelligent filtering for managers can make quick work of data sets and figures to the details needed for risk management and analysis. Drive home the full value of long-term incentives and equity offering with an interactive online experience branded to the DNA of your organization.

Using the platform you can monitor capital commitments, subscriptions, and distributions across your entire financial portfolio. In addition, Backstop can integrate with Outlook, significantly improving communication. In today’s digital world — especially post-pandemic — work is more globalized than it’s ever been. A lot of ESOP management tools are focused on specific countries or regions, which can be limiting for companies with remote https://investmentsanalysis.info/java-developer-job-description-role-and/ workers or those that want to open up their hiring pool to talent from around the world. One of our successful cases is TradeSherpa, a new automated system that provides customers with personalized company roadmaps, expansion options, to-do lists, how-to instructions, and a way to contact suitable professionals. We engaged the best specialists, including a business analyst, to make things work according to the initial requirements.

Equity Management Software

We bring mobility to compensation — our system is regularly being updated to include mobile access for leaders and managers. Manage long-term incentives and deferrals across multiple years, instruments, and vesting schedules. From phantom equity, restricted and performance shares to deferred cash, CompTrak ensures compliance and trackability across your programs. “Certent Equity Management keeps the cap table accurate and allows me to provide accurate ownership information to the management team and shareholders quickly.” Ensure accurate record keeping and support all aspects of your plan, from managing eligibility to processing purchases.

  • To us, global service means we are around when you need us and not just by email.
  • It is a scalable, adaptable, and user-friendly equity management system designed for fast-growing businesses.
  • Job stability has also been found to be more substantial with the group, with median tenures averaging 5.2 years.
  • No matter the exponential or solid advancement you see, CompTrak can continue to deliver results that make a difference.
  • Remove the burden of contracts and agreements with CompTrak’s embedded and e-signature integrations.
  • Meanwhile, for small businesses looking to earn from stocks, it is best to learn the basics of investing before diving into a deal.

Choosing the right equity management software solution for your company can be a grueling task. In this section, we will look at the main types of equity management software so it is easier to determine which tool you should use. EquityPro is a web-based application that provides automated, end-to-end management of tax obligations for global share plans. Easily manage the complex process of equity withholding and reporting for your mobile employee workforce with EquityPro.

How To Choose the Right Equity Management Software For You

LTSE is a US-based stock exchange and equity management platform that focuses on supporting long-term companies. It aims to enable easy cap table creation and management, with transparent ownership tracking for all stockholders. LTSE’s listing requirements include disclosing key metrics and committing to principles of good governance. Companies can benefit from a supportive environment that aligns with long-term goals, promoting transparency whilst fostering engagement with active stakeholders. Carta is one of the leading equity management platforms, particularly in the venture eco-system.

  • An equity management software should provide compliance reporting capabilities, allowing companies to comply with regulatory requirements.
  • The most negative one is “Difficult” with which is used in 4.00% of all the Equity Management Software
  • For additional information on any of the descriptions contained herein, please contact your eFront Relationship Management representative.
  • Use the comparison tool below to compare the top Equity Management software on the market.
  • Keep in mind that many systems offer additional services or modules that you can purchase as needed or which may be included in the base price; make sure to factor these into your overall budget when calculating costs.

A UK, EU compliant single source of truth that’s scaleable and easy to use with best-in-class security and privacy. Cap table and employee participation plans are always accurate and updated in real-time to your transaction-based cap table. Custom employee dashboards allow your team to self-manage their equity and see their future potential in your company’s success, making easier to How to Emphasize Remote Work Skills on Your Resume attract and engage a talented team. CFOs and finance teams can model accurate financing rounds, exits, automate workflows, and impress investors. VCs and investors have portfolio views with KPIs, custom reporting with a secure data room, powerful search, and signature workflows. There’s little confidence to be found in relying on manual processes for your equity plan administration.

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