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how to write a grant proposal for a small business

When done successfully, grant writing can open doors to vital funding sources needed to make your project a success. Although there is no set standard for a successful grant proposal, it usually includes a combination of all or most of the same elements. Here are some tips for writing a grant proposal for your nonprofit or small business. After submitting the proposal, follow up with the grant provider if you don’t receive a response within the expected timeframe.

Is writing a grant proposal hard?

The difficulty in grant writing often comes down to the scope of the information it involves and requires. Grants are complex documents with many sections and requirements. This is not meant to sound overwhelming. Having a full picture of the grant writing process will set you up for success.

The Sloan Foundation offers grants that support original research and education focused on science, technology, engineering, and more. The foundation’s funds are provided through the accumulated wealth of Alfred P. Sloan, and its mission is to use its funds and grantmaking abilities in the service of the public good. The US Department of Energy (DOE) lists funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) on their website according to offices within the department.

How do you write a grant proposal for education?

Some grants may have a specific review process, and it’s essential to stay informed. Outline the specific goals and objectives of your project. Clearly state what you aim to achieve through the grant funding and how it will benefit your small business and the community.

how to write a grant proposal for a small business

This serves as an overview of why your organization wants the grant, what your funding needs are, and how you plan to follow through with the project. Be as engaging as possible, using short and clear sentences that concisely illustrate the main aspects of your proposal. Say what you need without using too much fluff, being as direct as possible without missing the important parts. And make sure to connect your project and goals with the funding agency’s own. If you can make a connection between their mission, funds, and your proposed project, you will have a better chance of getting approval.

What Information Do You Need to Write a Grant?

It’s important to neither overquote nor underquote yourself, because while you might secure the grant by underquoting, you may not walk away with enough funding for your project. It should illustrate the problem you will solve and how the grant funds will help you do it. It will be important to convey the scope of the problem or need of addressing and what sets you apart from others trying to solve the same problem or need. It can be helpful to include any research you’ve done on this matter as well.

Still, obtaining a grant could help you launch a new business during tough economic times or take on a specific project. If you think a grant may benefit your company, it’s crucial to fully understand which entities offer them and how to apply for one. Below is a guide to maximizing the chances of your grant application getting how to write a grant proposal for a small business approved. Looking over previously funded grant applications that have received grant awards from funding agencies can give you a good idea of what reviewers are looking for. A grant proposal is a document that is submitted to federal government agencies in an effort to secure government funding for a proposed project.

Write your project description

Here are the most common sections of grant proposals, and the information you should include. Even if the proposal you write is not the standard proposal, you will likely need much of the information that does make up the full proposal, but in an abbreviated form. Grants come from a variety of sources such as a foundation, a corporation or a government agency, but most require similar information. There are also at least three different types of proposals, ranging from a letter to a full-blown proposal. You may have touched on your budget in your project description, but when writing the budget you want to provide the specifics. Experts recommend keeping your numbers within the funding limits.

What are the 8 steps to writing a proposal?

  1. Understand What the Client is Looking For.
  2. Know Your Costs.
  3. Know Your Team's Capabilities.
  4. Be Specific.
  5. Avoid Excessive Jargon.
  6. Include Persuasive Proof.
  7. Provide a Call to Action.
  8. Include Your Contact Information.

Many corporations and larger companies offer nonprofit and small-business grants. While some corporations work solely with nonprofits, others also provide funding to for-profit small businesses. The Minority Business Development Agency Centers (MBDA) is a nationally ran network of business development centers that support the growth and promotion of minority-owned small businesses. This includes helping businesses secure funding and contracts and compete in emerging markets. Its site includes a map feature you can use to search for grants based on location, and provides information on tax credits and exemptions.

Looking for $5,000+ Grants?

The project goals section doesn’t list anything in intense detail but gives the reader an idea of what the potential grantee is trying to achieve. Develop a detailed budget for your project, including all the expenses you anticipate. Some grants may have specific budget formats that you must follow.

How does a small business get its grants, you may ask? Well, it is thanks to a proposal document called a small business grant proposal. Although grant applications are known to be time-consuming and tedious, the result if you’re approved is free money.

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